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GPSPro Module

GPSPro Tracker is a unique mobile asset tracking system that offers comprehensive fleet management, asset tracking and driver safety features

Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS. 

It’s designed for compact and easy use for vehicle tracking, with built-in GPS and GSM module to capture GPS data send to the server, it can show the current location on phone or tracking the location on visual map. 

The GPSPro Tracker offers the following features in asset monitoring, vehicle safety, and driving habits: -

  • Real time tracking and trip/history playback;
  • Track by cell phone or web based tracking software;
  • Monitor over speeding events;
  • Remote Engine shut off.
  • Reports: -
    • Trip History replay
    • Detailed Trips report (Mileage Report)
    • Stops Report
    • Events Report
    • Summary Mileage report
    • Graphs (speed, ignition, fuel, e.t.c. )
  • Geo-fence management;
  • Tampering or battery disconnect alerts;
  • Monitor Engine operating hours;
  • Real time fuel tank level monitor, fuel consumption, fuel refills and fuel theft.
  • Detect the status of engine on/off, motion, parking;
  • System is able to monitor kilometer covered as well as odometer;